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 Australia's specialist & leading supplier of step down, isolation and conventional transformers

for power supplies and isolation in medical, lighting, audio industrial transformer applications

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Important note: Will your stepdowns run 24 hours Continuously?  Why is this an important  difference?

Our stepdown transformers are rated at a continuous rating. We use toroidal transformers inside

This means the transformers are  designed to run at full rating as designated for a 24 hour continuously. 

Unlike others we do not deceive customers by  offering a short time rated rating, where  the transformer can not operate for periods longer then an hour  at maximum rating. For Example: A 2000w stepdown that runs for 1 hour at 2000w and then drops to 1400w rating continuous after.

This is a very important difference between our units and others. All our stepdowns are guaranteed to  run at maximum rate continuously. Read more

Qn: What makes your stepdowns much safer:

We use 2 methods of protection with our transformers:

1) Our Step Down Transformers use a fuse for short circuit protection and overload current conditions. This is to handle a very large increase in overload current.

2) Thermal over load protection  s the second method of protection with every enclosed transformer. This prevents the transformer from over heating.The transformer has incorporated into the primary circuit, a thermal overload switch which monitors the internal temperature of the toroidal transformer.